Here are the most frequent asked question. Check them out first, maybe it will answer your question also. If not, feel allways free to contact me directly.

Yoga in General

I have no experience with Yoga, can I join your classes?
Of course, all my classes are perfect for beginners and also long time Yogis.

My body is quiet unflexible, can I do Yoga?
Totally, always remember: Yoga is about a flexible mind, not a flexible body.

I am afraid to fall asleep during the final relaxation.
No problem, it just means you are completely relaxed.

Pregnancy Yoga

When do I have to tell my teacher that I am pregnant?
Since the first Trimester is one of the most critical ones, I would recomend telling your teacher immediately.

Can I still visit a normal Yoga class if I am pregnant?
Of course, just make sure to tell your teacher. So she or he can adopt the poses for you.

Does Yoga harm my baby?In pregnancy yoga we move in a special way to protect your baby. You will learn listening to your body and keeping your baby safe.

Yoga Retreats

I have no experience with Yoga can I still visit your Retreat?
Absolutely, a Retreat is the perfect way to directly dive deep into the world of Yoga.

Would your recommend visiting the Retreat with a friend?
It is always nice to share such an experience with a friend. Since Retreat means getting back to your own roots it can also be nice to experience it alone.

I don’t have a Yoga mat and a meditation cushion, can I borrow those?
Due to the current situation we recommend bringing your own Yoga mat.